3 Tips to Get More Website Leads

Website Leads

3 Tips to Get More Website Leads in 2016

Let’s assume you already have a website. Your website promotes your business, lists your services, details the history of your business, etc. You think your website is pretty good. After all, you paid a web developer big bucks to put it together for you (or your sister-in-law did it for free).

The question now becomes, is your website engaging? Is it converting for you? In other words, do the people who visit your website (a.k.a. web traffic) go a step further and call or otherwise contact you (a.k.a. convert)? You need something lucrative out of your site visits, not just window shoppers. What good is all that traffic if no one is hiring you?

Consider the following three ways to engage visitors to your site, improve conversions, and increase call volume.

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