BFW Team Member, Lin, drops off bottles of Blue-Lyte at The Salvation Army in Hamburg in an effort to help those in our community who were affected by this Summer’s flooding events.


Over the past few months we have seen catastrophic losses in our coverage area and beyond. Many of these losses will not be covered by insurance, leaving both home owners and renters looking for help. Hamburg, Pine Grove, Tremont, Port Carbon, Sinking Spring and even Jacksonville, NC were all hit hard with the flash floods and storm damage.  With catastrophic loss comes many tasks, from clean up and haul away to restoration and returning to normalcy. All of these steps take their toll on resources.                   

Berks • Fire • Water Restoration, Inc. has seen its share of all of these situations over the past few months.  As a result, we have offered gracious help to communities both in and out of our territory. In addition to the ongoing donation of water and professional advice we began producing Blue-Lyte, an all-natural and non-toxic antimicrobial disinfectant that is environmentally and ecologically safe, in an effort to help more individuals affected by severe weather.

We have since donated over 300 gallons to individuals, community centers, local municipalities, emergency management agenices and missionary groups. They also received an emergency flood packet that offers guidance on how to properly handle flood clean up and mold. Our VP of Development, Dave Meas, earned the title “Captain Blue-Lyte” after volunteering to drop off the antimicrobial at a number of locations within the surrounding counties. Blue-Lyte is not a permanent solution to cleanup efforts, but it has assisted people in the process. BFW’s efforts also offered those affected support and hope. 

Collectively we delivered hundreds of gallons of Blue-Lyte and also delivered hope and kindness to individuals who, in some cases, were affected by the flooding for the third and fourth time in a few months.  We may not wear capes, but we certainly can be someone’s hero!  “It’s times like these that being a restorer is the most rewarding.  Even if we can’t physically help everyone, a friendly voice, encouragement and advice can go a long way,” says Lisa Lavender, COO of Berks • Fire • Water Restoration, Inc.