5 Steps to Balance Leadership & Technical Skills

Operators of restoration companies (many considered small businesses and/or family businesses) need to seek balance between management skills, soft skills (leadership) and technical skills.

I have been in the restoration industry for nearly 16 years. When I started in the industry, I had an accounting degree and experience in public accounting and business management; not restoration, nor construction. My husband brought a lifetime of technical skills and a high aptitude for all things restoration and construction related.
My strengths: processes, procedures, papers, and numbers. A couple years into the business, I found myself frustrated. I had trouble developing and controlling the processes, procedures and even the finances as the company grew. Like every good accountant, I like checks and balances and things to reconcile. Without any technical knowledge, my frustration grew with each day and ended with eruption!
I exclaimed to my husband and business partner, “I need you to help me! I don’t know all the technical stuff!” He calmly looked at me and said, “then learn it…”
I stomped out of his office and went to my desk to sulk…

Source: Restoring Success: 5 Steps to Balance Leadership & Technical Skills