Today, we are surrounded by so much heart break, pressures, challenges, wars and more.  We must remain grateful for each other and maintain the ability to control what we can control. This week we remember what we consider the worst time in our company’s existence. 15 years ago this week, Mark Rieck, Construction Team Leader, was a rock, admired, his smiled filled the room, his craftsmanship and work ethic set the bar.  He was a family man who when not working gave his heart and soul to his family and kids. He was a youth coach at Tulpehocken School District for soccer, basketball and baseball.   Since BFW was established in 2000, Mark joined the team in 2001, so you can imagine such a person was a key to our continued success today. He was called home in 2007 leaving a profound and eternal impact with the entire company. This was our worst moment in our company history.  We had no control; we could not stop it.  The day of the funeral was the ONLY day in 22 years, that we closed; but we did NOT.  Our extended family of subcontractors took over for the day and allowed us to mourn as a company. We share this all with you for a couple of reasons and tell you part of our story as a company because he remains a part of us today. We want everyone here today to remember Mark and his family and the foundation that he helped build at BFW.  The gift of perspective is extremely important; there is so much out of our control that when we put things in perspective; don’t really matter. Please take a moment of silence for our guardian angel Mark Rieck, NEVER FORGOTTEN!