Bed Bugs Beat the Bug Understanding & Eradicating

Bed Bugs…  Beat the Bug…

Bed bugs are a hot topic. You can’t open a newspaper, watch a newscast or surf the web without seeing something about bed bug infestations. From five star hotels to timeshares, apartments, college campuses, military and oil field housing, you hear about bed bugs.

Bed Bug Fast Facts

Top Infested Areas:

• Apartments & Condos

• Single Family Homes

• Hotels & Motels

99.6% of pest control professionals dealt w/bed bugs in the last year

20% of Americas have been infested or know someone who has

Bed bugs have been reported in all 50 states

Summer has highest rate of infestation

Source: National Pest Management Assoc.

Bed bugs have been a universal pest for hundreds of years. The cleanliness stigma associated with them has been proven unfounded; a cluttered or dirty environment does not cause infestations although it can complicate the efforts needed to eradicate them. With world travel as routine as it is today, people can hop around the globe with greater frequency and these “tag along” insects are more than happy to hitch a ride. They know no class or gender, age or affluence… we are food to them. Simply put, they feed off human blood and typically the best “feed zones” are beds and any furniture where people reside for extended periods of time.

The resurgence of bed bugs has several contributing factors:

  • A general increase in bed bug activity
  • More frequent encounters during international travel
  • Changes in pest management practices
  • Resistance to pesticides
  • Lack of public awareness on spreading bed bugs.

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