Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠: In the Community

Life really does come full circle. In 2013 I left Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠ to start a new career in the sporting goods industry. Fast forward seven years later, I find myself back in the green and gold. A lot has changed since I left in 2013, a new building and new faces, but the mission, values, and leadership
remains the same.

I constructed my life around sports and an internship with the Reading Express is ultimately what landed me a full time position in the Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠ Communications Department, Reading Express Merchandise Team, along with assisting in the development of the Junior Express Football League, a youth indoor football program which allowed youth football players to enhance their skills during the traditional football offseason.

After two years, a new opportunity arrived which led to a difficult decision to leave the company. During those quick 24 months Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠ gave me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. They provided a platform for my creativity, skills, and community involvement. I carried these valuable lessons and experiences onto the next chapter.

That next chapter provided more opportunity. I was fortunate to travel to cities and events all over the United States, but I was still missing the hometown connection. I was on the road four to five days a week and I while I had an impact on accounts and athletes, I was not experiencing the fulfillment of serving my community.

While traveling I was missing out on family gatherings, local events, and charitable contributions that have a positive impact in the community where I live. That is one of many reasons why I am grateful and pleased to be back with Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠.

Within ten days of my return, the World Health Organization announced that the COVID-19 virus was officially a pandemic effecting business all over the country. It was not the return I was anticipating as our company had to adapt to the changes laid out by the CDC. After a few weeks of uncertainty, we got our feet back on the ground and looked at this as an opportunity to showcase what we do best; provide a service to our customers and community.

Together with the help of our friends at Blue Science Solutions, we decided to donate Blue-Lyte Disinfectant to our area’s first responders and non-profit organizations covering our seven-county service area. It started with some pop-in drop-offs at local fire stations and with a little promotion on social media, the word started to rapidly spread.

This was the community involvement and impact I was so desperately missing. It has been an honor to provide a service to those first responders and non-profits attempting to understand what they are battling day in and day out, provides recognition and respect for their line of work.

This is the foundation of Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠ We give back to the communities where we live and do business. We thrive everyday with the opportunity to serve, to bring people’s lives back together, and to volunteer help to our neighbors, giving a helping hand. I have never been prouder to wear the green and gold.

As of today, we have donated over 300 gallons of Blue-Lyte Disinfectant to 44 first responders and non-profit organizations over seven counties.

Article by: Peter Jordan

North End FC – Pine Grove

Berks County Sheriff’s Office

West Reading Fire Department