BFW Preparedness & Recovery App

The BFW Preparedness & Recovery App



What can happen?

  • Fires could take out your entire business.
  • Floods could wash away your livelihood.
  • Storms could rip apart your home.
  • Anything and everything else could happen.

Be prepared in the case of a disaster.

Create a custom disaster plan in case of an emergency. Keep all critical documents, plans and information organized and accessible to keep you and your livelihood safe!

  • Floor Plans, Sketches, Blue Prints, & Shut-Off Valves
  • Photo Documentation Tools
  • Key Contacts
  • Damage Recovery, Response & Management Tools
  • Residential & Commercial
  • & Much More

Download the Berks ● Fire ● Water Restorations “BFW Preparedness & Recovery App” today on the App Store – It’s free!

Commercial Recovery Program

Disaster Planning is an important factor in the recovery of an organization that has experienced any kind of property damage. Whether or not you have a comprehensive disaster plan, the initial response can make the difference between business interruption and business devastation.

With this in mind, Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠ has developed a Commercial Recovery Program designed to assist with the planning and keep interruption and damage to a minimum should an organization experience an unplanned disruption.

There are NO fees, contracts, or obligations in utilizing our planning and preparedness app.

Once you completed your profile and plans, our skilled team will utilize your plans to facilitate an effective emergency response and recovery.

Create your emergency response plans and be prepared for anything.

Safeguard Your Property

With the BFW Preparedness & Recovery App, you have the steps to minimize damage to your property. This app will show you where critical shutoffs & blueprints are located and provide safety protocols to protect you from potential hazards.

Save Time & Money

Time is of the essence after a property disaster. The BFW Preparedness & Recovery App connects you with a DIRECT LINE to your preferred Emergency Response Contractor making it possible to limit and even eliminate downtime to your business.

Organized Catalog Keeping

The BFW Preparedness & Recovery App allows you to catalog important building information and service procedures – all through your smartphone. You’ll have all the necessary information ready for the emergency response team when they arrive.


The only thing harder than planning for an emergency is explaining why you didn’t.

We were very fortunate that Berks • Fire • Water came in right away and buttoned us up.
Principal, Berks Catholic High School

Clean up, insurance dealing and restoration of more than $1,000,000 damage was handled in the most professional manner. Never again do we want to experience an event like this, but if we did there would be NO doubt that Berks • Fire • Water Restorations would be our second call after 911.
General Manager, Reading Country Club


Reading Country Club Before

reading 3

Reading Country Club Before


Reading Country Club After