BFW Spotlight: Cheryl Harting

“CHEEERYL, HELP!” My computer isn’t working!” As BFW’s IT/ Programs Manager for the past year it is safe to call this Cheryl’s soundtrack at work. However, Cheryl knows the ins and outs of many aspects of the company, as she will soon be celebrating 15 years at BFW. She began as a Project Administrator where she quickly became certified in Water and Fire Damage Restoration along with dwelling damage estimating and repair later on.

In the past 14 years and 5 months Cheryl has helped many people who suffered from a property loss.  This played a role in why she applied to work here in 2004; she knew she wanted to “work for a company that helps people.” Although Cheryl can reflect on many instances where the company has given back to the community, one in particular stands out. “I was helping to restore a young family’s home after a devastating fire around Christmas, and we surprised them with a Christmas tree with gifts for the children and food for holiday dinner. It was a truly heartwarming experience,” she reflects. Aside from this she also enjoys the people she works with and the “caring, sometimes silly, family atmosphere.”

When Cheryl isn’t coordinating and managing all aspects of the company’s information technology, which includes reviewing IT vendor invoicing, working with third party IT vendors, maintaining proper credentialing with Insurance Company programs and assisting Project Management to ensure program compliance requirements, she enjoys reading and listening to music. On the weekends you can find Cheryl spending time with her family, visiting antique shops and flea markets and taking drives to explore places she’s never been. “I read articles and books on small towns and historic places, then make plans to visit them on weekends,” she says.

She loves to travel to the mountains and Florida so she can see her Grand babies who she doesn’t get to see on a regular basis.  When she comes home she is greeted by “Attack Cat” George who, according to Cheryl, is “lovable when it is just me in the house, but growls, hisses and swats at anyone else,” and Gatsby, a rescue cat from Florida who is “huge and loving all the time.”