True Life

30Mar 2022

DID YOU KNOW? Less than 49% of people surveyed claim that they have put together a possession inventory to claim for potential losses. Your homeowners insurance provides coverage for the contents of your home, up to the limit you selected with your insurance agent. In the event of a covered loss, you would be expected […]

31Mar 2020

As we unite as a community and a world in the war against COVID-19, the BFW team remains committed to provide you all the services that you have come to rely on us for in times of need.  Our team has been training and retraining on our infectious disease control and decontamination services to best […]

09Jun 2016

True Life: Altimar Sunday, November 1, 2015, Mary Altimar was at dinner with a friend catching up, her husband Marty Altimar and their two children were running Sunday errands when their evening took a dramatic change… Mary was enjoying her dinner and her cell phone rang but showed a phone number she did not know […]

19Jan 2016

True Life: Brown Berks Fire Water Restorations received the email featured in the November – December issue of Sparks & Leaks from Deborah Brown a previous customer.  For Ms. Brown, what may have just looked like a bin to some was a very important bin because it contained family pictures, treasured memories.  If your home […]

29Oct 2015

TRUE LIFE: Colon-Soto/Heath October 13, 2014 Megan Heath was abruptly awoken at 3:30 a.m. by her yellow lab Toby barking in a crazy manner and in a tone she had never heard before.  The barking was so unusual she was scared to exit her bedroom thinking someone had broken into her home.  Making the situation […]