True Life

09Jun 2016

True Life: Altimar Sunday, November 1, 2015, Mary Altimar was at dinner with a friend catching up, her husband Marty Altimar and their two children were running Sunday errands when their evening took a dramatic change… Mary was enjoying her dinner and her cell phone rang but showed a phone number she did not know […]

19Jan 2016

True Life: Brown Berks Fire Water Restorations received the email featured in the November – December issue of Sparks & Leaks from Deborah Brown a previous customer.  For Ms. Brown, what may have just looked like a bin to some was a very important bin because it contained family pictures, treasured memories.  If your home […]

29Oct 2015

TRUE LIFE: Colon-Soto/Heath October 13, 2014 Megan Heath was abruptly awoken at 3:30 a.m. by her yellow lab Toby barking in a crazy manner and in a tone she had never heard before.  The barking was so unusual she was scared to exit her bedroom thinking someone had broken into her home.  Making the situation […]