We are dedicated to supporting local heroes and community groups through water donations. The program is designed to provide bottled water for events and fundraisers throughout the region. We believe that providing water is a small gesture of support that goes a long way in showing appreciation for those who make a positive impact in our community. We’re proud to be able to provide water donations to those who dedicate their lives to making our community a better place.

In 2023:


Bottles of Water Donated


Organizations Donated To

The Process:

To receive a water donation from Berks Fire Water Restorations:

  1. Download & fill out the Water Donation Request Form
  2. Submit your completed request form
  3. We will contact you to confirm your request and scheduled pick-up time.

For more information about water donations, please contact:

Kristen Orgera, Marketing Manager
(610) 478-8660

Water Donation Request Form

Max. file size: 256 MB.

On the day of your pickup:

  1. Please check-in at our front office so we are aware of your arrival.
  2. Our team will direct you around the building to receive your donation.
  3. We will assist with loading the cases of water.
  4. Snap a picture!

We are committed to supporting our local community heroes through our Water Donation Program.

Join us in making a positive impact in our community and request a water donation for your next event!