Disaster Restoration, Reconstruction, & Preventative Cleaning – Coronavirus Precautionary Measures

As we unite as a community and a world in the war against COVID-19, the BFW team remains committed to provide you all the services that you have come to rely on us for in times of need.  Our team has been training and retraining on our infectious disease control and decontamination services to best help win the war.

In addition, we have instituted a detailed precautionary measure plan to be executed in the facilitation of all of our other services.  The below graphic provides a brief overview of what to expect when you need us and we welcome to ask any questions regarding our detailed precautionary plan.

Please know that when you experience a loss or damage, our compassionate team, may have greeted you with a handshake or a much needed hug, the COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way we express ourselves, but it has not changed the way we feel.  As our culture changes as a company and communities, it is out of the utmost care for those we serve, our team, and our community, that we will adapt the ways we render our services.