Employee Spotlight: Vince Mitsky

On August 22, Vince Mitsky celebrated his one year anniversary at Berks Fire Water Restorations. “I have enjoyed it since day one,” he recalls with a smile on his face. “I love the people. It is a big family, and I enjoy everyone. I look forward to coming to work every day.”

As the Accounting Manager, Vince does everything from helping negotiate contracts and cutting costs to Human Resources and posting general journals. He became interested in business while in high school. Growing up, his father had a limo and hearse business, a towing business, owned a pizzeria, and had a stand where he sold Christmas trees and Easter flowers. Vince credits his father for teaching him everything he knows about “business, people, and how to succeed in life.”

One of Vince’s hobbies is making wine. He loves red homemade wine and has been making it for about 20 years, and he aspires to travel to Italy one day. “I have been teaching two of my kids how to make it so they can continue my family hobby,” he explains. Vince has four boys: Vince Jr., Paul, Jack, and Michael. “I love my kids, and they are the most important people in my life.”

Vince enjoys sports with his boys. For 18 years, he has coached football, basketball, and baseball. He currently serves as the President of Twin Valley Football and Cheerleading for ages 4 through 12. Something you may not know about Vince? He even serves as the announcer at his league’s Youth Football games. “People from opposing teams tell me they look forward to coming to our field to hear me announce games,” he says.

We can understand why. We look forward to seeing you at work each day, Vince!