EQ? Why is it important?

EQ Emotional Quotient’s Impact on Business

We’ve all heard of people having high IQ’s, but few people have heard of having a high EQ. EQ is the same kind of acronym as IQ except that instead of Intelligence, EQ measures, and stands for, one’s Emotional Quotient.

Now you may be asking yourself, how is being high on the scale of emotionality going to benefit my business as a restoration professional? But a better question might be, what else are you missing out on if you have to ask this?

Being more finely tuned to the emotional status of people is a huge factor in everything from finding the love of your life, to closing a deal with a homeowner on the edge of choosing your services.

People don’t always make rational decisions, but especially so when they are in a stressful situation. And most restoration scenarios are indeed stressful situations. With this in mind, being successful as a restoration professional is influenced more by tapping into the emotional state of a person during their time of need, than by showing them a moisture meter of their soaked drywall ever could.

Click on the link Handshakes and Smiles Close More Deals | 2015-11-12 | Restoration & Remediation Magazine to read the entire article.

EQ what?