From Dave’s Desk…

From Dave Meas, VP of Development

History | Definition of History by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › history

1: events of the past and especially those relating to a particular place or subject. ; 2: a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events.
3: a written report of past events – She wrote a history of the Internet. ; 4: an established record of past events – His criminal history is well-known.

Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc. has a rich history of serving our local community for 20 years. The team at BFW has many stories that fall into not only our history but the history of many others throughout the community. Let’s start with an event such as a fire: when tragedy strikes, our goal is to restore to pre-loss condition. During the restoration many things come in to play that may seem simple and insignificant yet play a very important part in the overall end result. The team at BFW not only restores the material loss but plays a role in restoring life back to normal, thus becoming a part of an individual’s or family’s history for life!

We also have a history of helping our community. From the simple things like donating bottled water or a monetary gift, to running a successful championship indoor football team, who gave back to our community every time they took the field, BFW supports our community and helps write the history for others. Owners, Ted and Lisa Lavender have a very philanthropic mindset and are always on the lookout for opportunities to help organizations that not only interest them but the groups and events that their BFW team supports as well. There is no doubt that for the last 20 years BFW has been involved and engaged in the history of our community and plans to be “Making History” for many years to come.