Even though freezing temperatures are almost a thing of the past, you will tend to still get burst pipes. Hoses left on the hose bib during the winter months can result in water damage from frozen pipes.When the water is shut off, water located inside the pipe is to drain out.  A common misconception that since it is frost free, there is no danger to the pipe freezing.  The hose must be removed to let water escape before the onset of freezing temperatures.  As long as the hose is attached, water will remain inside the pipe and can potentially freeze and break in as little as two hours.What happens in the Spring?  Nicer weather starts to come around.  People start to get outside to wash the car, water the lawn, etc.  They do not know that they are also filling their house or basement up with water as their pipe froze during the winter months.  The valve is now open with a hole in the pipe.

Check the hose bib on the inside of the house to see if there are any signs or indications of a broken pipe.  You can also use this tip in the fall before winter weather strikes again.  Get the word out!!



3 Responses to Frozen Pipes Can Still Be a Problem in the Spring
  1. I am a new homeowner and I don’t know much about frozen pipes. So, I liked that you explained that it can still happen in your hoses in the spring time. It does seem like ti would be a good idea for me to get a plumber to come look at my home and see if all of my hose and pipes are going to be okay this winter and spring.

  2. Nice Blog!! The content you have shared is very elaborative and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of knowledge with us.

  3. I find it scary when you said that forgetting to drain the water inside a pipe before winter arrives would cause it to have a hole inside. Learning about this convinced me to call for a plumber service tonight. That way, they can help inspect and replace any broken sections of my pipes so that I can prevent my home from getting mold so that I can have it sold at a higher price next month.


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