In Memory of Dad

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Paul Pinchak. Not only was he an amazing father, grandfather, and friend, but he was also a mentor, coach, and teacher at BFW. He played various roles from the official food taster, CE developer and instructor, to HR, and more. He shaped the company and to quote my sister, “we could not have done it without him”.

It was over 20 years ago that he helped craft and document our Shared Values. He inspired us and guided us. As we reflect on his tremendous legacy, he also seemed to have found some kind of harmony and balance of personal and family joy with his professional pursuits. Even though he officially retired many years ago, he was still working and following his passion. Not for a paycheck, but out of his deep connection to his purpose and the fulfillment he got from others.

To call him an example may be an understatement. At BFW, we rally around the belief of making a positive impact on the lives of others. Like in many areas of his life, leading by example, he made an impact on almost everyone he encountered and left a legacy in the hearts and minds of many. He did not just state his purpose, he lived it and was driven by it every day, until his last.

To memorialize what he has passed along may need an entire book, but we need to start somewhere. We will start by sharing the following few bits:

Work Ethic

Weeks before his passing, he shared a text with his fortune cookie, profound, simple, true, and inspirational.


He laughed every day, made those around him smile, and had an amazing sense of humor.

Drive Safely

Driving What you Need to KNOW, was one of his most recent courses. He was constantly researching, studying, and problem-solving vehicle accidents and safety. Although he was passionate about this for everyone, he was particularly concerned for young drivers. He was always thinking and doing things to make a difference. We share his course and encourage the use of it to educate young drivers:

We are grateful for the time we had with Dad, Paul Pinchak, even if it was too short. In memory of Dad, take pride in all you do, drive safely, and laugh every day.

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