It’s All in the Family: Brothers


Robert (Bob) Detweiler,
Project Manager, 15 years

Patrick Detweiler,
Construction Manager, 4 ½ years

Who was here first? Bob
Relationship to family member?
RD: Pat is my brotha from anotha motha
Why did you want to work with a family member?
RD: Honestly I just wanted the incentive and Pat needed a job so two birds as they say! Pat has proven to be an invaluable part of this organization… you’re all welcome! LOL
PD: My wife found the BFW job opening online and we realized Bob worked there. I reached out and he spoke very highly of BFW and said it was a great place to work.
Favorite part about working with family at BFW?
BD: There are lots of benefits … I get to see my nephew more often. We can have some pretty heated work-related arguments but it’s easier to deal with since we are brothers. We get to talk about sports and family gossip which is always a good time. 🙂
PD: There Restoration industry can be stressful, and you can get into a lot of heated arguments. Bob and I have gotten into some arguments over the years at BFW, but since we are family, we can be honest with each other and know at the end of the day we are still family. Plus, I get to see my nephews more often and Bob can see his nephew more.
How BFW feels like family?
RD: Everyone supports one another no matter what. Often times I have to bring my boys into work when they are sick and even though I may not be around, I can always count on my co-workers to help if they need something, get lunch for them and just keep an eye on them for me.
PD: BFW always has their employee’s back no matter what, similar to how a family would. They are understanding and supportive of their employee’s professional and personal lives. It’s nice to work for a company that cares.
Funny/relevant stories you are willing to share…
RD: Taking a picture of my brother while he was pooping and using two cell phones at the same time. I had the picture made into a shirt for him. Still waiting for him to wear it into the office!
PD: Everyone is always playing pranks on each other. Some of the work we do isn’t pretty and it helps keep the mood light around the office and for the field staff. My first week I was in a meeting and came back to my office fully (and I mean FULLY) covered in yellow sticky notes. I sent the picture to my wife.
Any other comments you have about working with family
RD: I’m just grateful to be a part of the entire BFW family and look forward to many more years
PD: Looking forward to working with Bob and BFW for a long time.