It’s All in the Family: Father and Son

Father & Son

Father: Vince Mitsky,
Accounting Manager, 3 years
Son: Michael Mitsky, Intern
Who was here first? Vince

Who was here first? Vince
Why did you want to work with a family member?
VM: To see how he reacted to other people and see if I raised him right.
MM: He is a very smart man.
Favorite part about working with family at BFW?
VM: Great environment to work and BFW people are the best! We all care about each other and my son being a part of that is truly amazing.
MM: The people
How BFW feels like family?
VM : BFW is Family! If someone is down or needs help, we help that person. We all know each other and their families and enjoy going to events planned by the company and having fun.
MM: Everyone is so close and have fun while working.
Any other comments you have about working with family
VM: Not many Dads have the opportunity to work with their son and I will cherish these days. I’m so thrilled Michael is into accounting and wants to do that in college and pursue it as a career. I have an opportunity to mentor my son with a special thank yous to Ted & Lisa for the internship in January 2020 and plan on passing on my knowledge to him.