It’s All in the Family: Lisa’s Father


We also interviewed Lisa’s Father, Paul. See what he has to say about working with his daughter, Lisa Lavender.

Paul Pinchak, Various Roles

I’m kind of like a consultant, sort of… and I’ve been here since the very beginning in one way or another.
Relationship to family member?
PP: I am Lisa’s father which I think makes me Ted’s father-in-law
Who was here first?
Actually, me, but very few know it
Why did you want to work with a family member?
PP: I didn’t but had nothing else to do
Favorite part about working with family at BFW?
PP: Getting an occasional meal; mostly leftovers and outdated stuff past its expiration date
How BFW feels like family?
PP: Well, yes the people here make it a great place to be!
Funny/relevant stories you are willing to share…
PP: I was “drafted” and told either I start contributing to BFW or I’ll be enrolled in Adult Day Care…
Any other comments you have about working with family
PP: It’s ok most of the time…I often cannot listen at the same pace Lisa talks so I nod a lot like I understand…