It’s All in the Family: Mother and Daughter

Mother & Daughter

Mother: Cheryl Harting,
IT / Programs Manager, 15 years
Daughter: Jennifer Harting,
Project Coordinator, 5 ½ years

Who was here first? Cheryl (Momma)
Why did you want to work with a family member?
CH: I tried training a few temps and could not get what we needed. We needed someone to catch on quickly, multitask, work in a fast-paced environment, follow directions (the first time), work independently and learn about the business quickly. I knew Jennifer could do it. She grew up with the business being discussed at home. Her father Charlie worked here as well for some time, so she knew what we did and how we did it. She was a stay at home mom thinking about getting back into the work-force so it was perfect timing.
JH: In a way, I grew up with BFW. Both of my parents are/were BFW employees. I was always impressed with what the company did for our community. There was a need in the office and no better person to learn from than my own mother.
Favorite part about working with family at BFW?
CH: Being able to see my daughter on a daily basis and getting my daily hug. We don’t leave at the end of each day without a hug goodbye
JH: The people, I definitely have the best coworkers!
How BFW feels like family?
CH: BFW really is like a big family… the good and the challenging. Everyone has an off day once in a while. But knowing you can count on them when the stuff hits the fan is a great feeling. We help each other whenever it is needed.
JH: We come together in times of chaos, celebrate and occasionally shout it out. Regardless of what the day holds, we all care about one another.
Funny/relevant stories you are willing to share…
CH: We joke about her coming to work here and the company just decided to start paying her LOL She was coming in to “visit” and I put her to work. She did great right away. Whatever I gave her she caught on to in no time at all. It was such a great help to me and the company as well… we were really short-handed at the time.
JH: I tried to get out of the emergency contact form… Mom is only a few steps away. Didn’t work.
Any other comments you have about working with family
CH: Not everyone can do it. Sometimes you tend to be harder on them because you don’t want to accused of special treatment. That has to be recognized and corrected quickly because it can have an effect on your personal relationship. Putting a little distance between your work space helps to allow you both to be individuals.
JH: I occasionally have to remind her that she is “not” momma between 7:30-4… Unless I need a snack.