Letter from the Lavenders: Respective Perspective Meters

During the holidays we had the opportunity to reflect and express our thankfulness for friends, families, abilities, opportunities and more. Ted and I believe in order to be grateful for things in life we must have an internal meter of sorts.

I still remember an evening in junior high.  A book report was due the next day and I had not finished reading the book. I recall feeling that this was the end of the world and my despair and panic were intense. I got through that and now many years later cannot comprehend how I thought this was such a stressful moment. My perspective meter was young and not fully calibrated yet.

Many years later, my now husband, Ted, and I were getting ready to get married. It was the day before we were leaving for the wedding in Las Vegas. We had $10 in our checking account and were waiting for a tax return check that did not arrive. I called my father in great panic and despair. He said, “Lisa, money problems will come and go your entire life, and that is not what it is important.” He did not give me a handout, only wisdom and it all worked out; he was right. He gave me the gift of perspective in my young adult life and a basis to calibrate my meter. It has since served me well.

Over 10 years later we started a restoration company that was rapidly growing in a state of chaos. My dad retired from a corporate career in the insurance industry and was helping our young company grow in his retirement. I clearly remember a leadership meeting where he brought focus to the real issues and opportunities, reminding us of all the great things that were happening. He called a time out, drew a meter on the white board and told us to stop and calibrate.

The gift of perspective gave us the ability to focus on what’s important. It allowed us to be thankful and positive. I have since passed the gift of perspective meter calibration to many. It is always received positively with gratitude.

It is of critical importance that the leaders of our company keep their meters in check. It sets the tone and helps others maintain a positive and constructive approach to solving problems that need to be solved, while improving our company morale. The perspective meter allows our team to focus on positive developments to help our company grow and prosper along with our individual team members.  We hope this tool can be of use to you in the New Year, both professionally and personally.

Very Truly Yours,

Ted and Lisa Lavender