Letter from the Lavenders: “Show Love” – Joel Carrion

It is hard to find the right words, or message, to share with our friends and associates during a time, the year, 2020, that seems to be a never-ending cycle of challenges. We are surrounded by messages of fear and hate. There is despair and uncertainty in our world. We are thankful to those who share hope and positivity as the world needs it now more than ever. We relish the stories of perseverance and success. We empathize with individuals and businesses that are having trouble with the challenges facing all of us.

As we ponder our over-due message to our friends, one word consistently came top of mind…PRIDE. Although, we have always been proud of the team at BFW; it is this year that we celebrate our 20-year anniversary as a company that we are most proud. During the most challenging year of our times, it is not us who led the team; they have led us. The positivity, drive, and compassion that lives in our walls and is spread as they serve those who need us has overwhelmed us with pride and gratitude.

We help those who have had a disaster hit their homes or business. We huddled and talked about everything going on in world. We thought about our customers who, in addition to everything we are living through, now have damaging disasters. In our huddle, we talk about being there for each other and helping our children process and understand. We turned the floor over to Joel Carrion, Restoration Technician who we have often asked to share an inspirational message. Joel has deep faith in God and can share the hope and trust his faith brings him in a way that fills those who hear it with a feeling of hope, joy, and warmth, regardless of their own personal beliefs. He volunteers his time to many and is committed to helping those in our community that are less fortunate. On this day, he ended his inspirational message to us all with a simple tip to help ourselves and others get through, “Show Love”.

The resolve of the team to keep our customers and each other safe while serving is astounding. Through everything, they serve with a smile on their face and love in their hearts. We have never been more proud of the team. We are doing well, and our message is in the words of Joel Carrion: “Show Love”.

We wish you and your families health, safety, and joy.

With Gratitude,

Ted and Lisa Lavender

Joel Carrion