Letter from the Lavenders: The Reward in the Award

It was over 10 years ago that we woke up one morning after a week of pondering and declared, “I think we need a cloud?!?”   The team was ready to embrace and deliver. The next day hanging on the door:

Within the course of a month, we have been awarded three different recognitions as an organization. We were named in the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce Top 50 Business, followed by two performance awards as a result of our service as an approved contractor on managed vendor programs.

The last couple of years has been a whirlwind of adapting to changing technology. Cloud based software and applications, products and equipment have dramatically changed how we operate.

We have always prided ourselves in delivering cutting edge technology in our operations. The products, equipment, and processes that we employ have a direct impact on minimizing the   disruption to lives and the costs that occur when property is damaged. In addition, the advent of technology and generational changes have impacted the way those we serve receive excellent service.

Although 17 years ago, we did not text our customers, nor did we upload anything and a cloud was a mass of condensed water vapor in the sky, our values and vision in delivering excellence remain as relevant today as ever. Although the expectations on how we deliver have changed, what people want when disaster strikes has not changed at all. Our customers want quality and timely services and open communications delivered by caring and trustworthy professionals, as they did 17 years ago.

The Reward: As we receive these humbling awards/recognitions, two of which are directly related to customer experience metrics, there is reward in knowing that we remain relevant. It is rewarding that our organization continues to deliver excellence in customer service. (Today, customer satisfaction is calculated and monitored with sophisticated algorithms and   surveying methodology.) The original vision of being one company who takes care of everything from beginning to end, takes full responsibility and who cares about our customers still works in   today’s world.

Thank you: We thank you and everyone we serve for choosing to call upon us when disaster strikes. We are grateful for the faith and trust bestowed upon us in a time of great need.     Without you and your trust there is no award and there is no reward.

 We remain committed to you by working hard to stay ahead of technology and meet your expectations today and tomorrow. We will remain committed to the original vision and why we do what we do, to have a meaningful positive impact on the lives of others.

Gratefully yours,

Ted and Lisa Lavender