Meet the Team – Traci Greiss

The Spotlight: Traci Greiss, Project Administrator

Welcome back to our “Meet the Team” Tuesday series, where we introduce you to the Restoration experts who form the backbone of Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc. As we embrace the spirit of gratitude this Thanksgiving season, let’s turn the spotlight onto Traci Greiss, our Project Administrator and Accounts Payable expert.

Meet Traci:

A Day in the Life:

Traci’s typical day involves seamless coordination with Project Managers, ensuring clear communication with customers. Aside from her administrative responsibilities, she also serves as the expert behind Accounts Payable, handling invoices and keeps the financial gears turning.

Traci’s Pro Tip:

Traci’s invaluable advice to homeowners and business owners is straightforward:“Know your insurance agent, policy and coverage!” It’s a nugget of wisdom from her experience as a restoration professional.

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish:

Sweet potatoes steal Traci’s heart every year.

Thankful For:

Not just the turkey, but her incredible coworkers! Teamwork makes the dream work, and Traci is grateful for the BFW family she gets to work with every day.

Office Superlative:

If colleagues were to vote, Traci believes “Witty” would be her superlative. Quick comebacks and one-liners contribute to the lighthearted and fun nature of the office. In the words of Vince, Accounting Manager, “Out of nowhere, she just comes up with some really great stuff.”

Workday Ritual

The “morning book club with the ladies” sets a positive tone for Traci’s day. Gathering with the administrative team, they catch up, share updates, and create a space for camaraderie.

BFW Bestie

No surprises here – Traci’s inseparable BFW Bestie is Erika Albright. They’re not just coworkers; they’re friends, inside and outside of work.

Beyond BFW

Outside the office, Traci loves reading a variety of books and genres, one of her favorites being Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series. She also enjoys an annual 5k with her BFW Bestie, Erika Albright, complete with a custom-designed T-shirt featuring their boss, Vince Mitsky.

Working with PM, Bob

As the dedicated Administrative Assistant to Project Manager Bob Detweiler, Traci— affectionately nicknamed ‘Queenie’ —shares not only laughs and British accents with him. She also proudly embraces the role of the adoptive parent of Bob’s dog, Blue. To Traci, Blue isn’t just a pet; he’s ‘the greatest dog ever and the love of my life.

Fun Fact

Traci and her husband navigate the joyful chaos of raising 9 children, including 2 boys and 7 girls!

As we continue to introduce our BFW family, stay tuned for more insights into the individuals who make up our team!