Meet the Team Tuesday Launch!

First Spotlight: Edi Lole, Restoration Team Leader

Welcome to our “Meet the Team” Tuesday series, where we introduce you to the Restoration experts who form the backbone of Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.
Today, we shine the spotlight on Edi Lole, one of our valued Restoration Team Leaders.

Meet Edi:

Known for his charming personality, Edi defines his job as challenging, rewarding, and interesting—three words that describe the dynamic world of restoration.

Most Memorable Job:

Edi vividly recalls a challenging fire loss. The task of restoring fire damage, water damage from extinguishing the fire, and the subsequent mold made it a particularly rewarding experience. Typically, you don’t get the chance to witness the full restoration of a home you’ve worked on. However, in this unique case, Edi had the opportunity to revisit the once-gutted house and see it transformed into a beautiful space, making his job truly fulfilling.

Best Thing About Being Part of BFW:

For Edi, it’s all about the people. He emphasizes the strong team spirit within BFW that makes work not just productive but enjoyable. The supportive culture, great management, and the camaraderie among team members create an environment that fosters growth and success.

Dream Job Swap:

If given the chance to swap roles, Edi would step into the shoes of Brad Roberts, our Senior Project Manager.

Favorite Tool:

Ask Edi about his favorite tool, and he’ll quickly respond the versatile 14-in-1 tool.

Fun Fact:

Beyond his role as a Restoration Team Leader, Edi is a passionate musician. Raised in Brooklyn within a family of classical musicians, he grew up surrounded by the love of music. Edi’s daily routine involves creating soundtracks, drawing inspiration from his parents—a mother who is an opera singer and a father who plays every instrument.


Edi is motivated by his two daughters, Ava and Elise, who keep him grounded. They keep him focused on growth and prevent him from settling for mediocrity.

Professional Advice:

“Customer is king,” says Edi. Understanding the traumatic experiences our customers go through during disasters, he emphasizes the importance of exceptional customer service. It’s not just about restoring their property; it’s about restoring lives.

Favorite Food:

Edi’s favorite food is real Italian spaghetti, and it has been since childhood! His love for the dish is what earned him the childhood nickname “Edi Spaghetti”.

One Thing Edi Excels At:

People. Edi’s ability to connect with others on a personal level is a skill that sets him apart.

Professional Goal:

Edi’s professional goal is to become a Project Manager!

Stay tuned for more glimpses into the individuals who make up our BFW family!