Mold Issues: How To Recgonize And What To Do

Mold is a naturally occurring substance that has the uncanny knack for growing on an extensive range of surfaces. The most important elements that can affect mold growth in your home are the presence of moisture as well as darkness. There are many areas of a home that are conducive to mold growth, such as in the shower or bathroom or near the HVAC unit. In addition, if you have a slowly leaking pipe that you are unaware of, a small leak in the roof that has not be fixed or even a previous plumbing leak where the moisture was not properly dried out, there is a good chance that mold could be growing in your home. Professional mold removal in Reading PA may be required to thoroughly and safely remove this substance from your home.

How Mold Affects Your Health

Before you attempt mold removal on your own or before you delay this task for another day, you should be aware of the dangers of mold. There are different species of mold, and one of the most dangerous ones is unfortunately common in homes. This is toxic black mold. This type of mold can cause a wide range of symptoms, and these include headaches, respiratory issues like coughing and sneezing, a skin rash, fevers, memory loss and confusion, bleeding lungs and even death. Clearly, this is not a substance that you want in your home. More than that, it is not a substance that you want to handle on your own during the removal process. Ideally, it should be left untouched until mold removal specialists arrive at your home to remove it.

Determining If You Have a Mold Issue

Before you schedule mold removal in Reading PA, you need to know if you have a mold issue in your home. There are home testing kits available online and in some local home improvement stores. These can be enlightening in some cases, but it is often best to allow the professionals to test your home for the presence of mold. Through professional testing, you can learn if there is mold present, what type of mold it is and all of the surfaces where it is located. This information is critical for the next step in the process, which is professional mold removal.

The Proper Way to Remove Mold From Your Home

Some homeowners think that they can tackle mold removal in the same way they attempt to clean away mold in the bathroom. This typically includes spraying bleach on the affected area and scrubbing harshly until the substance vanishes. There are a few reasons why this should not be done. First, when you scrub black mold spores, they can become airborne. When they do, they can easily be inhaled, and they also can land in a new location anywhere in your home to begin a new area of growth. They can even land in the air ducts in a worst-case situation. Second, you risk coming in direct contact with black mold, which can cause serious illness or worse. The proper way to remove mold from your home is to allow a skilled professional do the work for you. A professional team will seal off the area to contain the mold in a localized area, and this includes sealing the air vents. Then, the mold will be professionally killed and removed from the home in a manner known to be safe and effective. More than that, the crew will also test the home for mold again before leaving to ensure that all affected areas have been dealt with. Through this last step, you can rest assured that your home is free of mold.

Mold is not a substance to take lightly. It can cause serious damage as well as illness, and it should be removed safely and properly. If you have mold in your home or if you want to learn more about the possibility of its presence, contact a mold removal specialist for assistance.