Moving is chaotic.

Moving is chaotic. Make sure clients understand their moving insurance coverage options. (Photo: Shutterstock)


Moving out: Everything clients

need to know about moving insuranc

With all the chaos surrounding a move, insuring valuables can become an afterthought. However, a relocation can be difficult on a client and on their belongings, and insurance is key in helping protect their property.

Moving companies employ professional movers that pack and load household goods on a daily basis. They are the most qualified to ensure that valuables go undamaged, but accidents do happen.

It is often assumed that the movers will cover any damage or loss of property. That is only true to an extent.

It is also assumed that even if the movers don’t cover everything, a client’s Homeowners or renters’ insurance policy will pick up the slack. In reality, most Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies only cover household goods while they are inside the home.

Moving out: Everything clients need to know about moving insurance