Reading Country Club repairing damage caused by burst pipe


Fans are running at high speed inside the Reading Country Club in Exeter Township. It’s all to dry out the extensive water damage from Wednesday, when a pipe burst inside its ballroom.

Water rained down onto the grand piano, with the force causing the second floor ceiling to collapse.

“There wasn’t even words. I didn’t know what to even do because it was a lot of water and all that,” said Jeffery Stauss, the country club’s manager.

Managers immediately called Berks Fire Water Restoration to help seal off the pipe and handle the cleanup, but later that night, they had a second water issue with water seeping into the basement from an outside ramp.

Crews spent all of Thursday ripping out the damage, but luckily found there was only cosmetic damage, no serious structural damage to the building.

“I feel a lot better because safety is always an issue and I’m always concerned with that right away, but everything is fine,” said Stauss.

As the facility dries out, events will continue as scheduled over the weekend. Then next week, Berks Fire Water Restoration will be able to get inside and repair the facility.

“I take it as a facelift. Back to business,” said Stauss.