Restoration Technology Embracing Change

Restoring Success: 4 Strategies to Effectively Embrace Technology 

By: Lisa Lavender, Chief Operating Officer Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc.

In the spirit of technology week, I write this to tell you if you ever get overwhelmed by all the new technology and implementation challenges that come with it; you are not alone.  

As we speak, I am overseeing seven major technology-related changes in my operations. (I do not recommend this…I may have went overboard)  Our Industry is becoming more sophisticated and technology-driven day by day: databases, websites, social media, inventory systems, tracking systems, mapping software, estimating software, equipment. It can make your head spin.

We must be able to change and adopt new technology for a variety of reasons including efficiency and competitive advantage.  We have all watched many companies in other industries disappear for their lack of ability to anticipate, adopt and embrace technology.  Technology affects our operations in many ways; however, it also changes the culture in which we live and operate and the expectations of those we serve. For this reason, we must be willing to change and adopt new technology.  

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