Restoring Success: Protecting Your Organization

As the Decision Maker It Is Your Duty to Protect Your Organization

Protecting Your Organization

I wake up every April’s Fool’s Day with a bit of a pit in my stomach. I am easily one of the most gullible people on earth. Although I am gullible, I do learn from my mistakes. So, every April Fool’s Day, I put a big sign on my computer: “Today is April Fool’s Day”.  
The sign reminds me to take everything in with a bit of caution, to slow down and digest before I react. By the time I am caught up in my day, I quickly forget that I am the ultimate target for what could be the best April Fool’s prank on record.  One of the things that makes me such a good target is that my co-workers are educated, they know me too well, they know what will get be going, and how I will likely react to whatever masterful plot they throw at me.  
As a decision maker for a restoration/remediation firm, you will be approached by a wide variety of opportunities in which you can buy or engage. Services, products, and equipment, there are a variety of things to sell you. The presenters are educated and know your touching points and they may even know how you will react. They know what problems you have and understand the industry. Being a good and educated sales person is by no means a bad thing, that is not what I”m saying at all, it simply makes the point that buyers should be cautious and thoughtful.    
Some of these products and services are good, some even great, some mediocre, and some maybe completely worthless. So how do you handle all this without missing a great opportunity?    
You may be one of the brightest in the industry and/or the savviest of a business person; however, when the right presentation comes along at just the right time, you could be vulnerable. The two areas that I believe we must be most cautious are the promise to increase sales and new products.  
So the next time you’re approached by a new salesperson for a new product or service you’ve never heard of, and promise to increase your sales, take these items into consideration.

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