Contents Restoration

What is content?

Contents include all the possessions in a property from books to clothing and shoes to figurines and antiques.

What are my responsibilities as an insured?

To protect your property from further damage.  This may include boarding up the property, drying the affected areas and protecting the property from weather. Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc.℠ can provide all necessary emergency and mitigation services 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Will the content damage be covered by my insurance?

Your policy will address coverage and how it will apply to both structure and contents.  A representative from your insurance carrier will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding coverage.  As a certified restoration firm, Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc.℠ works with you and your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.

Will Berks ∙ Fire ∙ Water Restorations, Inc.℠ restore my contents on-site or will they be shipped off-site?

Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc.℠ has a full on-site restoration department including a drying room, ultrasonic machine, textile facility, and an environmentally friendly carbon dioxide (CO2) dry cleaning machine.  The on-site laundry and dry cleaning machines allow all textiles  to be cleaned on premise and will be readily available to you and any immediate needs can be handled within hours.

What products do you use to clean the damage?

Restoration companies use a variety of products depending on the circumstances.  You may ask your representative to provide you with MSDS sheets for any products being used in your property.  Advise a representative if you or any members of the property have any chemical sensitivities or other health concerns that you feel may be relevant.

Please contact Berks ∙ Fire ∙ Water Restorations, Inc.℠ 24 hours a day seven days a week with any questions or concerns throughout the restoration process.  At the time of the initial emergency, numerous emergency and insurance personnel will be giving you a lot of information and instructions.  It is normal to have questions throughout the process and we are here to help you.


  • Report fire damage to your insurance agent.
  • Call a certified restoration company to secure property and mitigate damages.
  • Document damages with photographs.
  • Do not attempt to clean damaged areas with any liquid.  Your cleaning could cause additional damage.
  • Do not allow children, pets or the elderly in the affected areas.
  • Do not touch items without gloves. Oils in your hands can permanently set dirt causing irreversible damage.
  • Notify your BFW representative immediately of any concerns with items of high sentimental or real value. Survival rates of items that receive immediate restoration attention are much higher.