Severe Weather: Be Prepared When It Strikes

Our region experienced inclement weather this past weekend and more rain is in the forecast for the upcoming week. In Heidelberg Township, strong thunderstorms left significant damage. After sending a crew to the scene, The National Weather Service has ruled that a tornado did touch down in northern Lehigh County.

Pine Grove experienced heavy flooding on Sunday, July 22 into Monday, July 23. Berks Fire • Water • Restorations, Inc. has responded to a handful of emergency calls in this area and Pottsville.

With the severe weather like this comes emergency situations such as flash flooding and fallen down trees. Please consider the following tips to protect your property and precious belongings:

  1. Check Unlived Storage Areas– Basements and attics are often home to some of your most sentimental belongings. We encourage you to check on these areas, as they may be affected. In times like these, consider moving any important belongings laying on the floor to higher, and therefore safer, ground.
  1. Basements – Make sure your sump pumps are operating properly. Having an operable battery as a backup is always a good idea. Empty existing dehumidifiers with collection pans frequently and raise contents off the ground to keep them safe.
  1. Exterior – Remove and exercise caution regarding trees that are close to your vehicles and structures. High winds and ground saturation are a bad combination that raises concern about falling trees. Make sure that gutters are clear and be sure that down spouts are directed appropriately.
  1. Insurance Coverage – Consult with your local Insurance agent / company about your coverage. Make sure you are aware of limitations of coverage regarding any damage. You can never be too prepared.

As always – and especially during emergency situations – know that you can always count on Berks Fire • Water • Restorations, Inc. Call our emergency care toll-free number 24/7 at: 1-866-478-8661.