Some Things Never Change – 20 Years of Service

Letter From The Lavenders: Some Things Never Change – 20 Years of Service
by Lisa Lavender, COO and Ted Lavender, CEO

2020 marks the start of a new decade and it also marks an end of an era. As we reflect on 20 years of BFW history, we think fondly of our firsts, the friends we made, and how much we have learned, sometimes the hard way.

Much has changed in 20 years, especially in the world of technology. When we started in 2000, we did not know what a text was and never used it as a verb in a sentence, “texting”. We communicated primarily through phones that had a direct connect – walkie talkie feature. We remember “hearing” about the “cloud”. One day Lisa declared, “We need a cloud!”, wanting to be tops in employing technology, not having any real idea what “the cloud” was or what it meant to BFW. The next day, someone put a picture of a “cloud” on the door labeled BFW cloud. Today, we co-own and develop a cloud-based restoration management software company. BFW uses a variety of new technology in the office, the field, and we text customers who prefer this means to communicate.

Some things never change. Our shared values have withstood the test of time and remain unchanged. Our company colors, green and gold, remain. In 2000, when the company was started with limited funds and a vision, Ted had a gold pick up truck, Lisa had a green minivan, and so it would be, green and gold. We still answer the phone 24/7. Ted answered every call 24/7 for many years to offer empathy, support, answer questions, and get on-site to help when called upon. Today we have a skilled team of over 80 restoration professionals and everyone who calls us will still speak to a caring and knowledgeable team member.

In 2012, we expanded our passion for the industry and service to others by opening Restoration Technical Institute, one of less than 100 Global IICRC Schools. Most importantly, we still value and care about every customer who calls upon us in moments of need. We have urgency and understand the privilege to serve others and the trust bestowed upon us.

As we celebrate 20 years of service, we invite you to an evening of fun, festivities, and community at this year’s annual open house, MAKING HISTORY. Make history with us! Click here to register:

With Gratitude,

Ted and Lisa Lavender