Restoring Success: It’s All About Perspective

‘Tis the season to be grateful and thankful for the positive things in our lives. During the holidays, we have the opportunity to reflect and express our thankfulness for: friends, families, abilities, opportunities, and more. I believe in order for us to be grateful for things in life, we must have an internal meter of sorts. […]

It’s All in the Family: Father and Son

Father & Son Father: Vince Mitsky, Accounting Manager, 3 years Son: Michael Mitsky, Intern Who was here first? Vince Who was here first? Vince Why did you want to work with a family member? VM: To see how he reacted to other people and see if I raised him right. MM: He is a very […]

It’s All in the Family: Mother and Daughter

Mother & Daughter Mother: Cheryl Harting, IT / Programs Manager, 15 years Daughter: Jennifer Harting, Project Coordinator, 5 ½ years Who was here first? Cheryl (Momma) Why did you want to work with a family member? CH: I tried training a few temps and could not get what we needed. We needed someone to catch […]

BFW Spotlight: Chad Moyer

Signs you know someone’s been with a company for quite some time: They start counting the years (on more than one hand) until finally saying, with some hesitation, “17 years.” This is what happened when I asked Chad Moyer how long he has worked at Berks • Fire • Water Restorations. A pause of silence filled […]

Life As A Project Manager, As Told By An 11-Year-Old

It is an honor and privilege to introduce you to Chase Detweiler, a member of the BFW family and author. Chase is an 11-year-old young man that we have known since he was born. His dad has been a key part of our team for over 14 years. We marvel at this young man’s social […]

How To Manage Troublesome Salt Stains

Our friend and carpet expert, Mark Violand, of Violand Flooring Inspections, Inc. recently shared some timely advice about troublesome salt stains, and we couldn’t help but share it with you! Troublesome Salt Stains Salt, salt and more salt. Salt on sidewalks, salt on floors, salt on entrance matting, and salt on carpet. Although this winter in Northeast […]

BFW Spotlight: John Perella

“It is a family.” This is how Team Leader John Perella, affectionally known as JP, described BFW when asked what he enjoys most about working here.  All the better for him, as he is no stranger to family life. He grew to love construction at a young age after helping his father renovate their home in […]

The Great Cookie Delivery: BFW’s Dedication to our Supportive Circle

Each year sometime early in the fourth quarter we begin checking our list, even going as far to check it twice, to see who’s really been nice! For over 14 years, the team at Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc. has shared one of the most cherished holiday traditions with our customers, vendors and […]

Letter from the Lavenders: Respective Perspective Meters

During the holidays we had the opportunity to reflect and express our thankfulness for friends, families, abilities, opportunities and more. Ted and I believe in order to be grateful for things in life we must have an internal meter of sorts. I still remember an evening in junior high.  A book report was due the […]

How Dave Got The Name Captain Blue-Lyte