Life As A Project Manager, As Told By An 11-Year-Old

It is an honor and privilege to introduce you to Chase Detweiler, a member of the BFW family and author. Chase is an 11-year-old young man that we have known since he was born. His dad has been a key part of our team for over 14 years. We marvel at this young man’s social […]

Letter from the Lavenders: Respective Perspective Meters

During the holidays we had the opportunity to reflect and express our thankfulness for friends, families, abilities, opportunities and more. Ted and I believe in order to be grateful for things in life we must have an internal meter of sorts. I still remember an evening in junior high.  A book report was due the […]

Letter from the Lavenders: We Live By Continuous Improvement

At BFW, part of our culture is continuous improvement. We take it upon ourselves to constantly evaluate our performance in our service to others while challenging the status quo. This past summer our region experienced ongoing flooding and severe weather. With over 18 years of responding to disasters, this was like nothing we ever experienced. […]

Letter from the Lavenders: Shared Value Number Six

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Associates: “We are sensitive and responsive to the needs of the communities where we live and do business.” Since the beginning we have had a strong sense of our values. They have been our compass and will continue to guide us into the future. Everything we do revolves around our shared values. […]

“You Didn’t Show Up?” – BFW’s No Fire Chasing Policy

We were having a conversation with a friend one day. They were telling us about his brother who had a fire. Thankfully, everyone was okay, but they could not understand why BFW did not show up. Other companies were on the scene before the fire was out… We only arrive on the scene of an […]