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From Dave Meas, VP of Development History | Definition of History by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › history 1: events of the past and especially those relating to a particular place or subject. ; 2: a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events. 3: a written report of past events – She wrote […]

Jason Stone Promoted to Services Manager

Reading, Pennsylvania – Jason Stone, Denver, Pennsylvania, was promoted to Services Manager for Berks • Fire • Water Restorations, Inc.℠. In his new role Stone will be responsible for preparing estimates, acting as a liaison       between the insureds and the insurance company and agency, providing direction to Team Leaders, ensuring quality of all repairs and […]

Hurricane Matthew Could Pose Flooding Problems in our Area This Week

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to mitigate flood risk. While some damages are unavoidable, taking an assessment ahead of time can make a huge difference. 6. CHECK YOUR INSURANCE: Living in a flood-prone zone may make a home ineligible for flood insurance, but living outside of a flood area doesn’t necessarily ensure […]

BFW Brief with Jes 13

BFW Brief with Jes

BFW Brief with Jes 14

True Life: Altimar

True Life: Altimar Sunday, November 1, 2015, Mary Altimar was at dinner with a friend catching up, her husband Marty Altimar and their two children were running Sunday errands when their evening took a dramatic change… Mary was enjoying her dinner and her cell phone rang but showed a phone number she did not know […]

BFW Brief with Jes 11

True Life: Samolewicz

True Life: Samolewicz Mr. and Mrs. Lavender: On November 2, 2014 we had a fire in our home at 605 Frederick St., Sinking Spring. The fire was more than likely started by our yellow lab jumping up on the counter to look for food.  He inadvertently ignited the gas burner on the stove.  Fortunately, we […]

Commercial Property Restoration

Commercial Property Restoration Berks Fire Water Restorations provided emergency water restoration services early Saturday morning at a Reading Health System facility.  Business continuity is a top priority with any commercial loss.

True Life: Bern Evangelical Lutheran Church

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