Title IX at 50

Fifty years ago, Title IX changed the landscape for women across the United States – in sports and in the classroom. Before President Richard Nixon signed the law forbidding sex-based discrimination at all federally funded educational institutions, women accounted for less than 10% of ALL medical and law school graduates while fewer than 4% of girls played high school sports. Matter of fact it was LEGAL for schools to deny women classroom opportunities, reject them from colleges just for being women, prevent them from competing in athletics, discriminate against pregnant students, sanction hazing and sexual harassment, and retaliate against those who advocated for equality. Title IX’s impact has been prolific, with some calling it the most important legislation for women in America after the right to VOTE. Title IX’s greatest legacy has been its evolution to protect gender equity in all its forms and we all should be poised for the continuous fight. The gift of this anniversary is to simultaneously celebrate and commit to a brighter future. To advocate and act. To chart a path forward by looking back. Here is to 50!!