Water: A Friend To Our Bodies, But a Foe To Our Property

It’s common knowledge that our bodies cannot survive without water. From helping to deliver oxygen throughout our entire body to helping the brain manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters, our bodies put water to good use from our head to our toes.



Although water is critical to your body, it wreaks havoc on your property. The infographic below, created by Water Damage Defense, provides you with a quick glimpse at the negative effects water damage can have:

Water causes secondary damage with the passing of hours and days. Providing 24/7 Emergency Care within an hour significantly helps control the amount of destruction water causes to your home or business. Additionally, properly taking care of water damage in accordance with industry standards within 72 hours of the incident drastically reduces the likelihood of problematic mold growth. At Berks Fire Water Restorations, we’ve got you covered – no matter what time of day disaster strikes.


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