What Should I Do When I First Notice Water Damage?

Water can wreak havoc in your home when it is not properly controlled, and you may currently be looking for the right company to hire for water restoration in Lebanon PA. Water commonly gets out of hand during a flood from severe weather, but damage can also develop from a leaking pipe, a broken appliance, a roof issue and other events in the home. A water event can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage, and it may even displace your family from the home in some cases. If you have water damage in your home, your primary goal may be to restore it to its former condition without delay. However, there is a process that must be followed in order to ensure the best results.

Check the Source of Water

Many people discover water damage in their home when new water is still flooding into the area. For example, a ruptured pipe may leak until the damage is repaired or until you turn the shutoff valve. It may take a restoration company a few hours or more to respond to your request for service. In the meantime, you do not want additional water to cause the flood level to rise. If possible, stop the flow of water in the home by adjusting the water supply valve, using a bucket or taking other related steps. This is not possible in all situations. However, if it is, it can prevent more significant damage from developing.

Dry Out the Home

When you call Berks ● Fire ● Water Restorations, Inc.℠ for water restoration in Lebanon PA, we will respond to your request promptly, and the team will typically arrive with all equipment necessary to dry out the home. The first step involves removing standing water, and commercial wet vacuums are often used for this process. The air in the home as well as drywall and other surfaces may still be moist, and this moisture can lead to mold growth if it is not properly remedied. Therefore, dehumidifying fans may be placed in your home for many hours or even days. While the noise from these fans can be bothersome, rest assured that the job they are doing is critical to the condition of your home. After all, if mold does grow, you will need to pay for additional restoration services.

Restore the Damage

Water restoration work can begin once the water and moisture have been removed from the home. Special testing equipment will confirm that the humidity level inside the home is normal. The restoration process can be lengthy if you had significant damage in your home. In a best case scenario, a small patch of drywall may need to be replaced, or carpets may need to be professional steam cleaned and deodorized. In more significant cases, water restoration services may include replacing the flooring, cabinetry, large sections of drywall and more. In addition, electrical work may be required in some cases. In addition to these steps, you may also need to address the source of the damage, such as by calling a roofer to repair a leaking roof.

Restoring a home that has been negatively impacted by water damage can take several days or weeks. More than that, it can be costly in some situations. Many homeowners have insurance that covers water events, so you may need to contact your insurance company after scheduling restoration services. Keep in mind that some restoration companies will communicate directly with your insurance company to reduce your stress level during this process. While the process can seem overwhelming initially, the best company to call for assistance will guide you through the entire process.

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