WHY You Should Apply to Be Part of Our Team – Now HIRING

At Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc. we are made up of a team of professionals who pride ourselves on the quality of our work product and the timeliness of its delivery.

We’re all about innovation.

We believe in restoring the value of service and trust. We make this a priority in all that we do. When our team is called to a loss, whatever matters most to those affected immediately becomes the most important thing to us.

Our owners, Ted and Lisa Lavender, have always made it a priority to instill the company’s shared values and best practices throughout our entire team. They strive to create a company culture where every member of the BFW family is working towards one collective goal – restoring lives and making a positive impact within the communities we serve.

In doing this, they have established an environment that is not just where employees work a 9-5 job that gets the bills paid. They have built an environment where our team can create a career through an organization who supports continued education and career advancement.

Check out this inspiring story about a 16-year-old high school dropout whose hard work and dedication landed him the well-earned title of Senior Project Manager by the age of 29, managing a department of 10 that has restored thousands of lives.

Here’s a taste of why our team members love working at BFW…

As our COO, Lisa Lavender says, “You can view your career as a dead-end job, that is hard, dirty and unappreciated work, or you can look at it as a career that allows you to serve others and have a profound impact on the lives of others. A career filled with opportunity to learn, grow and develop.”

At BFW we offer you a career filled with the latter.

Combine your ambitions and positive attitude with our supportive culture and you will be armed with limitless potential.

Apply to become a part of our #1 team and experience the BFW difference here.